We offer a Three Year Warranty on all new fryers sold by Valentine in the UK. This is to give you peace of mind for the first three years of the life of your Valentine. It is designed to protect against component failure and manufacturing defects. We reserve the right to charge for the call if the fault is not a warranty fault.

The Warranty cover is managed by our own Service Department who will respond to all requests by contacting the site to ascertain the best course of remedial action and to validate the warranty call.

For Multi-cookers and Freestanding Fryers the warranty is on-site and covers is attended to on site. For table-top fryers the warranty is offered on a postal basis and we may provide a replacement element head to get the fryer working as soon as possible.

In the First instance you should call the distributor that you purchased your fryer from.

To place a warranty call please call our office on 0118 957 1344. Fax us on 0118 939 4236 or email us on info@valentinefryers.com

We will need to know the following information:

Location of the fryer, name of establishment
Address and postcode
Your name
Serial number from Dataplate
Model number from Dataplate
Electrical phasing from Dataplate
Nature of the fault