Single pan 1 basket filtration fryer


9-10 litres

Kw Load


Output per hour

20-26 kg

Dimensions mm

250 x 600 x 850/900



Model:  EVO 250LP

The Evolution series from Valentine offers a simple to operate, low maintenance range of frying equipment designed to fit perfectly into any commercial kitchen.  The fry pan is pressed from a single sheet of stainless steel and provides a durable, smooth, rounded, easy to clean profile. The reduced size cool zone ensures both energy efficiency and a high output to oil ratio.  Combined with the ECO mode, for economic preheating and/or solid fat melt cycle, fast recovery times and insulation are all features of the EVO range, users will benefit from reduced energy and oil costs without any compromise on output or food quality.

With over 65 years of experience, Valentine Fabrique continue to provide high quality, immensely dependable fryers.  The EVO 250LP is fitted with adjustable legs for a working height of between 850-900mm, is movable for easy cleaning and comes complete with PUMPED OIL FILTRATION for a simple and efficient filtration process that will prolong the life of your oil.  With the added benefit of an automatic basket lift, you can pre-set your cooking time to achieve perfect results. One basket, oil bucket, crumb and micro cloth filters. A folding lid with storage in the door and a 2 metre mains cable are also included when you purchase your new Valentine fryer.

Available with a range of accessories to suit your kitchen:

Fish plate and handles

Batter bowls

Splash guards

Interlock strip / Full Interlock kit

Chip scuttle

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