Single pan, 1 basket table-top fryer.


7 litres

Kw Load

3.12Kw / 13amp plug

Dimensions mm

280 x 415 265/420



Model: TF7

The Valentine TF Range is designed to suit smaller kitchens or where a fryer is required for occasional use.  These compact table-top fryers are predominantly designed for use with a 230v power supply, although alternative power options are available on some models (see power ratings on each model).

Valentine fryers offer a simple to operate, low maintenance range of frying equipment designed to fit perfectly into any commercial kitchen.  The fry pan is pressed from a single sheet of stainless steel and provides a durable, smooth, rounded, easy to clean profile. The 3 main components that make up the TF fryer (base, pan and element head) all come apart for easy and hygienic cleaning.

With over 65 years of experience, Valentine Fabrique continue to provide high quality, immensely dependable fryers. The TF7 is fitted with non-slip feet and comes complete with one basket. A lid and mains cable with a 13amp plug (fitted), are also included when you purchase your new Valentine fryer.

You will have complete peace of mind when choosing Valentine with our MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY (Terms & Conditions Apply).

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