Valentine Launches Table Top Pasta Cooker

Recognising the demand for catering equipment that is both flexible in its application, with the capability to be moved, and to fit into tight spaces Valentine Equipment has introduced the Liguria Table Top Pasta Cooker.

“This a very compact pasta cooking unit, manufactured to Swiss engineering standards, that features rapid heating and easily controlled temperature. It’s something we’ve been looking to supply the market in the UK and Ireland with for some time as we know that many food operations already appreciate our range of Valentine table top fryers and larger pasta cookers.

“The Liguria will be perfect for restaurants that like the flexibility of pasta and want to change things around to keep customers interested and satisfied. It also ties in with consumer tastes for healthier, changing menus, and can be easily moved within the kitchen space and stored when not in use. The list price of this pasta cooker is £1595 excl. vat,” says Steve Elliott, national sales director for Valentine Equipment and Cuisinequip.

Valentine’s designers have thought about easy control and maintenance of this new model of pasta cooker. It features a pivoting heating element to give simple access to the cooking pan for cleaning and maintenance. Power adjustment comes from a single push button controller with pulse regulator so heating power can be quickly changed when the water is at boiling temperature. Four round pasta cooking baskets come as standard with the Valentine Liguria, with other options available, and it can also be combined with a dedicated stand/storage cupboard. It is available in a 3 phase, 4.5kw model and requires a 16amp supply. It has also been confirmed by Valentine Fabrique that there will be a 230v 13amp version available in June at the same price.

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