IPPUDO, London, possibly the capital’s most authentic purveyor of Japanese soul food staple ramen, opened its doors in October and brought the amazing taste of the international chain’s founder Shigemi Kawahara’s ramen recipes which he has been perfecting in Japan since 1985.

Great ramen is a broth containing pork matched with homemade noodles and the noodles are essential to the ramen experience. Delivering consistent quality tasty noodles is obviously very important to IPPUDO.
The development team at IPPUDO spent some time looking for the ideal cooker to deliver the perfect noodles that form the backbone of the ramen menu. After testing several models they went for a Valentine Turbo Noodle Cooker VMCNT-3 which has an up-rated element to keep the water at a fast boil during the busiest service.

IPPUDO London’s kitchen manager said, “We are quite happy with the quality of Valentine’s pasta cooker. Accurate temperature control and cook time are essential when cooking ramen noodles, and Valentine’s pasta machine offers consistent power output and water temperature and is easy to control.

“The machines are very good, reliable and consistent. We’ve not had any problems with them.”

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