Single pan 2 basket Marine Solas fryer

  • Capacity: 15-18 litres
  • Kw Load: 15
  • Output per hour: 38-46kg
  • Pan width: 400 x 600 x 850/900


Model Number: Evo 400 Solas

The Evo 400 Marine Solas Fryer is from the new range of Evolution fryers by Valentine. The range feature a fry tank pressed from a single piece of stainless steel, it has a smooth rounded easy to clean profile. The design has a small cool zone which ensures that it takes less oil to fill the fryer but with the same output as the previous model. This means that it will cost less in oil to fill and less to heat a smaller amount of oil thus saving money for the operator and reducing the life-costs in owning a Marine Solas Valentine fryer.

As with all Marine Solas Valentine fryers made since 1953, its design and build are of the highest quality. It comes with flanged feet to enable the fryer to be fixed securely, primary filtration, folding lid with storage in the door, 2m mains cable and an oil bucket all included when you specify a Valentine fryer.

Complete with 2m mains cable, folding lid & primary filtration system
Other voltages available
12-month parts warranty
Batter bowl available
Fish plate & handles available
Interlock strip available

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*All fryers specifications are subject to change. We reserve the right to change specifications.

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