Fry No Fear

Although fried foods are delicious, it’s no secret that they are not always good for us. An issue that can be found in fried foods is acrylamide– acrylamide is a chemical substance found in starchy foods, such as potatoes or bread, when cooked at high temperatures (above 120°C) for too long. It is important to understand that acrylamide is not deliberately added to foods – it is a natural by-product of the cooking process and is present in many cooked foods. The issue with this is that excess acrylamide has been found to be harmful.

So how can we prevent this from happening ?

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Reduce Fryer Cross Contamination Risk

Everyone loves going out to eat. Dining at a restaurant is a fun and entertaining experience where you can relax and enjoy some good food. However, for some people, taking extra precautions is necessary when they are heading out to eat because of a food allergy or dietary requirement.
Food allergies affect a lot of us – between 1% and 10% of adults and children in the UK have some sort of allergy or intolerance. This can sometimes make it a stressful experience when choosing where to eat or ordering from the menu. Even though most establishments are very careful when preparing and cooking their food contamination can still happen. Continue reading “Reduce Fryer Cross Contamination Risk”

Valentine Twin Fryer Helps Prevent Food Cross Contamination

Valentine Equipment has recently launched the new Evo 2200PP twin pump fryer with an enhanced system of oil filtration which is designed to completely segregate the oil in each of the two pans. This is especially useful for the prevention of the cross contamination of allergens and different food groups.

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Talented Development Chef to Boost Valentine/Cuisinequip Business

Experienced development chef Philip Sanderson has been appointed by Valentine Equipment and Cuisinequip in a key business development role to utilise his industry knowledge, contacts and ability to demonstrate equipment.

Talking about his appointment, Phil says, “Joining the team at Valentine/Cuisinequip my aim is to continue to support our distributors with the highest level of customer support and to deliver to our end-users as many solutions and benefits as their businesses demand. Continue reading “Talented Development Chef to Boost Valentine/Cuisinequip Business”

60 Years of Valentine Magic and New Equipment from Cuisinequip at Commercial Kitchen

At Commercial Kitchen 2018 Valentine Equipment celebrates more than 60 years in the UK market selling the highest quality Swiss-made fryers and multicookers across the foodservice and hospitality sectors. Visitors to Stand A1 will see a brand new fryer from Valentine, the Alpina, and sister company Cuisinequip will be introducing innovative new equipment from the Taurus Group. Continue reading “60 Years of Valentine Magic and New Equipment from Cuisinequip at Commercial Kitchen”