Electronic Frying Reaches New Heights with Valentine Alpina

Valentine Equipment is proud to the launch the first completely new fryer from Valentine in the UK for several years at Hotelympia 2018. The Alpina 300 features precise electronic temperature regulation for optimum frying conditions to match the food and quantity being fried.

“We are delighted that Valentine Fabrique has developed and launched the Alpina fryer for several reasons. The fryer has a 12.5l capacity tank and includes WIFI to support cleaning and maintenance and features a connection for integrated energy optimisation to a DIN Standard 18875 Sicotronic terminal to cut power peaks and save money on energy costs.
“Like other Valentine fryers the Alpina has a small cold zone under the heating element meaning it takes less oil to fill up the fryer. The other pleasing factor about this launch in 2018 is that it is in the same year as Valentine Equipment’s 60th anniversary of being in business in the UK and the Alpina’s name and Swiss heritage have clearly helped to inspire our special stand at Hotelympia,” comments Steve Elliot, sales director for Valentine Equipment and Cuisinequip.

Key benefits of the new Valentine Alpina:
• Precision cooking of +/1° and that is important for cooking at lower temperature
• The Alpina fryer will initially only be connected with a WIFI mode for maintenance. The goal is to have a version 2.0 with a totally connected fryer.
• It can be connected to an integrated energy optimization system (Sicotronic)
• The fryer is user-friendly with a repeat time function, useful features in busy kitchens and food operations
• The Alpina fryer has almost the same capacity of production as the Valentine EVO 400 model.

The Alpina 300 has two available models, the 11kw Eco version and the 15kw Turbo version and is on display on Stand Number 1510 at Hotelympia.

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