60 Years of Valentine Magic and New Equipment from Cuisinequip at Commercial Kitchen

At Commercial Kitchen 2018 Valentine Equipment celebrates more than 60 years in the UK market selling the highest quality Swiss-made fryers and multicookers across the foodservice and hospitality sectors. Visitors to Stand A1 will see a brand new fryer from Valentine, the Alpina, and sister company Cuisinequip will be introducing innovative new equipment from the Taurus Group.

The Valentine Alpina 300 features precise electronic temperature regulation for optimum frying conditions to match the food and quantity being fried, a 12.5l capacity tank and includes WIFI to support cleaning and maintenance. It also has a connection for integrated energy optimisation to a DIN Standard 18875 Sicotronic terminal to cut power peaks and save money on energy costs. As with other Valentine fryers the Alpina has a small cold zone under the heating element meaning it takes less oil to fill up the fryer.

“Our stand will include the new Alpina fryer and also demonstrate some really innovative professional kitchens solutions from Cuisinequip’s new partnership with the Taurus Group to make their Mycook and Rowzer food preparation systems widely available to professional kitchens in the UK,” comments Steve Elliott, sales director for Valentine Equipment and Cuisinequip.
The Mycook is an induction-heated, all-in-one kitchen robot systems that cooks, sautés, mixes, grinds, emulsifies, kneads, shakes, light fries, melts, powders and steams. The processes are based on the clever application of induction heating which not only saves time through rapid, highly controllable heating, but also reduces costs through energy efficiency.

In contrast the Rowzer, a professional standard cold food processor, is particularly suited to making bespoke batches of ice cream. Its key feature is the fact that is processes ingredients in their frozen state at -20˚C locking in flavour and nutrients and cutting waste. For example it can easily make velvety ice-cream right when it is ordered using the freshest seasonal ingredients and producing just as many portions as customers’ request.

Cuisinequip is showing other new equipment including the Berner Beef Star range of heavy-duty grills. The stand will also have a range of modular induction options from respected manufacturer Locher including the Locher Chargrill and several fresh pasta making machines from family-owned Italian manufacturer Bottene.

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