Valentine Twin Fryer Helps Prevent Food Cross Contamination

Valentine Equipment has recently launched the new Evo 2200PP twin pump fryer with an enhanced system of oil filtration which is designed to completely segregate the oil in each of the two pans. This is especially useful for the prevention of the cross contamination of allergens and different food groups.
Talking about the development and launch of the new fryer Steve Elliott, sales director for Valentine Equipment and Cuisinequip, said, “We saw it as a logical and timely step to introduce Valentine’s Evo 2200PP twin pump fryer into the UK and Ireland because of greater consumer demand and awareness around food allergens and cross contamination of different food types. “Foodservice operations are now acutely aware of the dangerous and negative consequences of not correctly preparing and cooking foods containing potential allergens. This new fryer gives all the control, rapid temperature recovery and energy efficiency that you would expect from a Valentine Evo fryer, but with the clear benefit of oil segregation. We envisage a growing demand for this particular Valentine fryer.” The Valentine Evo 2200PP fryer is also available in a Turbo version and comes with the standard Valentine parts and labour warranty of three years, plus a lifetime warranty of 20 years on the pan.
EVO 2200
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