Reduce Fryer Cross Contamination Risk

Everyone loves going out to eat. Dining at a restaurant is a fun and entertaining experience where you can relax and enjoy some good food. However, for some people, taking extra precautions is necessary when they are heading out to eat because of a food allergy or dietary requirement.
Food allergies affect a lot of us – between 1% and 10% of adults and children in the UK have some sort of allergy or intolerance. This can sometimes make it a stressful experience when choosing where to eat or ordering from the menu. Even though most establishments are very careful when preparing and cooking their food contamination can still happen.

Working with food poses the risk of cross-contamination. Cross-contamination is a common factor that causes allergic reactions in environments like restaurants. It occurs when an allergen is inadvertently transferred from food to another item of food that does not contain that allergen. Cooking does not reduce or eliminate the chance of someone having an allergic reaction if they eat this food.

Cross-contamination can happen in many ways; one way it can occur is through cooking in a fryer. A restaurant may use its fryer to deep-fry shellfish like prawns, and then not change the oil. They then go on to cook chips in the same fryer with the same oil still containing traces of the shellfish. If somebody eating those chips had an allergy to shellfish there would be a significant risk of experiencing an allergic reaction. It is really important that restaurants and other foodservice operations prevent this from happening.
Valentine recognises these issues and has created a clever solution to prevent cross-contamination in fryers by introducing the Valentine Evo 2200PP Twin Tank Fryer.

What makes the new 2200PP fryer unique is its enhanced oil filtration system. The design is created to ensure the complete segregation of oil in the two separate pans. This is very useful for the prevention of cross-contamination of allergens. It’s baskets and key components that can be swapped are colour-coded to stop them being mixed-up.
It can also be used to prepare food for people with different food requirements (i.e. frying food containing meat in one basket and vegetarian food in the other). Valentine continue to build their fryers to the highest quality and design standards in its Swiss factory and have successfully done so for over 60 years.

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