Using a specialist plate the multi cooker can be adapted to use traditional noodle baskets

  • Capacity: 25-40
  • Kw Load: N/A
  • Output per hour: N/A
  • Pan width: N/A


The Multi Cooker can help the caterer offer a wider selection of menu options. Due to its design, the standard unit allows the caterer to use a mixture of standard gastronorm containers and baskets according to the menu being offered. This compact unit is made of stainless steel and has a one piece pressed pan which is fully insulated. A rear tap unit connected to the water supply allows for ease of filling and assists with the removal of starch when cooking pasta. The unit can be connected to the waste water system via the back of the unit. The Multi Cooker is offered in a 7 or 10 kilowatt power option. The thermostat offers a wide range of temperatures and has a separate switching system to allow the operator to vary the power according to what is being cooked. An internal overheat thermostat is fitted for added operator safety.

Various basket options are available as standard.

The Multi Cooker has a unique switching system which
enables the user to vary the power depending on what
application the unit is used for.

Multi Cooker Benefits:

Casting: Made entirely of high grade stainless steel for ease of cleaning
Pan: One piece pressed and fully insulated
Controls: Front mounted temperature controls for ease of use
Drainage: Rear
Safety: Overheat safety thermostat for operator safety
Economy: Four position rotary switch fitted for energy saving
Ease of use: Simply fill with water and add the required basket configuration
Versatile: The multi cooker can be used to cook a wide range of products
Compact Design: At only 350mm wide the unit takes up very little space.

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